Korean Myth Illustration for German Artbook
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I got to contribute two pieces for the Märchen der Sterne (Fairytales of the Stars) illustrated book, published by PYRAMONDE in 2020.

Both illustrate the tale of Jiknyeo and Gyeonu, the weaver goddess and cow herd god, who fall in love but get separated by Jiknyeo’s wrathful father. Once a year, they get to cross the heavenly river – the Milky Way – on a bridge formed by blackbirds that take pity on the desperate lovers.

In Korea, if it rains on that day (the 7th day of the 7th month of the year), it is said that the blackbirds won’t form the bridge and the lovers have to wait for another year.

The book shows tales related to the stars from all around the world, with 14 different artists each illustrating one of those.

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