Be my frog!
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I had a cute sketch of this concept in one of my sketchbooks and decided to take it further, creating a finished illustration for it using the software Krita. I wrote a short text to give some context to the viewer:

“She liked to dress up as a fairy godmother, not a princess or anything like that, she believed in Magic. She used to run through the forest near her house with her puffed dress, pointing at everything she saw with her wand. One day she saw a frog in the pond. She exclaimed: “Be my frog!” while pointing at it and suddenly tiny sparks started to come out of the wand, falling over the tiny animal, that looked at the girl with surprise… Finally Magic had happened!”

Natalia Salvador
Granada, Spain

Natalia is an illustrator focusing in middle-grade/young adult and fantasy, fairy tales and myth. She works both with digital and traditional techniques (watercolours, ink, pencils… Show more.

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