A rest in the woods
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Recently someone commissioned me to make a painting about his wife in a fantasy setting, where she was a tax auditor of sorts. Aided by her most loyal and trusted helpers, her cat and dog, they roamed the land in search of tax evaders.

Fantastic! I loved it and it was wonderful to work on this. After submitting several sketches my client chose one and I finished the painting to completion.

I love hearing the stories people come up with when they’re together, so if you have something of an idea yourself or need a book cover of sorts, you can contact me via this website, just follow my profile and click on “Message Edward”.

Edward van Walsum
Groningen, Netherlands

Edward van Walsum is a dutch illustrator making fantasy art. His work features animals living in a human story. He combines rich landscapes together with humans and animals.

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"I came to Edward van Walsum with a request for some art that would be going on a custom disc. He was very professional in negotiating and we ended up striking a deal that I hope we both found equitable. He hit his deadlines and went beyond the original scope of the project from my understanding of the agreement. I am very thankful for his efforts.
— Matteo P.,