Diversion 2020 – Personal Work
Posted 2 years ago and submitted by Simon Carr | Share link: http://illo.cc/88185

The last few months have brought a lot of challenges and to help me work through some of the things that I’m experiencing and visually express how I’m feeling about it all I decided to create this painting. I found the cathartic process has certainly helped me take a breath and somewhat come to terms with all the dramatic changes that I’m going through during this crazy time.

Simon Carr
Gelnica, Slovakia

I am a Freelance Illustrator and Senior Graphic Designer. I have 25 years of professional experience and my art is exclusively digital with a base in traditional mediums. I've w… Show more.

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Over the course of several series books, Simon has been an absolute pleasure to work with — he’s talented, professional, and detailed. He deftly translates entirely imagined worlds into amazing works of art that make those worlds real on the covers of our books. His talent speaks for itself in his portfolio and I would recommend him to anyone looking to work with an expert in character and scene illustration.
— Jessica Albert, Art Director, ECW Press