Single mother by choice, Magic Kids by Ginny Ellsworth
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I have worked with several self-published authors since coming back as a children’s illustrator.

One of the most interesting topics I worked on, was with an American author and magazine editor, Ginny Ellsworth. The picture book was personal yet a much needed book for children. We discussed how to create the book. We wanted to ensure that it was less clinical but gearing toward exposing children to different type of families existed within our community and the world. That includes blended families with separated households, same sex and single mother by choice.

This project caught my attention because it is an issue we see in society yet not much has been spoken about it.

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Your vision for the book is unbelievable. I am just in awe of some of the things you came up with. The dog mapping of walking through the house and hangers in the closet. It is truly magical. (Holly Bonner - Blind mom monster detective) Everyone loves your enchanting artwork! The colors are wonderful. Our readers will love looking at the happy children and all the details. Thank you, Lisa, for a GREAT job on this project!! (Ladybug magazine)
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