Fan art for Ghost of the Gulag
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This one was created in response to a call for art by David Derrick, creator of the hit online graphic novel “Ghost of the Gulag”. The image is of one of the main characters, a tragically scarred and blinded Amur tiger. The other main characters include the tiger’s companion raven, who acts as his seeing-eye bird. They are joined by a young wolf prince, as they traverse the wilds and animal political landscape of Russia.

This was super fun to make – the swirls in the fur, mixing with the tiger stripes, are one of my favorite parts. Creating this image forced me to explore how my style fits with animal/creature portraits, and I’m pleased with the results! I think in the future I would add a bit more texture, and I would blend the edges a bit more so that it’s less cartoon-like and a bit more ethereal. Still learning, of course!

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