Venom – Where it all began…
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This is an illustration I completed about a year ago around the time of Motor City Comic Con here in Detroit. I used a goofy sketch from my moleskine sketchbook as the main launching point. I knew the sketch was Venom, but once I started developing a pose, it became an homage to the specific comic cover that really drew me into comics as a kid – Venom Lethal Protector #1. The cover, by Mark Bagley, was tremendous to me. Terrifying. Exciting. Epic. It launched me into drawing dozens of copies (I even sold these sketches for $1 apiece at lunch). So coming back to this pose seemed like a fitting way to push this piece through for my first time with a table at the largest Detroit area comic con. It was great to connect with fans of that series and share in a love for one of the best Marvel characters.

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Steve Pierce possesses a remarkable artistic range. From post-apocalyptic eye candy to post-modern interpretations of traditional science fiction and fantasy characters, his work speaks directly to our love of rich surrealism.
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