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Let’s face it, it’s time for Facebook…

Or so I’m told! I’ve set up various social media accounts, including Facebook and am learning how to link them all. So I am using that feeble excuse for being a bit lax on my news page. More positively, I have actually been very busy with commissions and am working on all sorts of lovely projects which, of course, I can’t share just yet.

Facing up to the challenge!

Ouch, that was a truly cheesy comment (I fear there may be more). So, the Facebook page, creating it and where to start? These days you can’t just say, ’ooh, that’s a nice picture, I’ll upload that for my title image.’ Oh, no! It has to look good across all manner of media, mobile phones, tablets and desktops – and I don’t know what else. So, I designed my title image and my little header image (at least I think that’s what it’s called). So, I’ve shrugged my shoulders and squared up to the realisation it’s easier to have a square template for both Facebook and Instagram, which as everyone knows is the same company. If you google Facebook templates it suggests 940 x 788 pixels, but that then doesn’t work for Instagram (if you like to share posts). My tip is to go for a template of 1200 x 1200 pixels for both. You need a square template for Instagram and Facebook photos look fine squared up.

Ooh, exciting! What shall I post?

Obviously I am posting my illustrations and with permission (or once the illustrations have appeared in print or on-screen) my most recent work. However, as I have a very cute and entertaining cat, called Louis, I am sharing photos of him too. He insisted! Vain.

My Facebook page can be found here.

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