Book cover for Marquette Books – Dystopian sci-fi
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My most recent piece done for Marquette Books is a for a YA Series being released in the direct market. It deals with several young men and women who must navigate a dystopian future in which corporations control every aspect of human life. I had a lot of fun doing this cover because it gave me the chance to really dive into character design and challenged me as there are a lot of characters to fit in on the page. I liked incorporating some of Syd Meads’ initial design ideas into the look of the vehicles and scene. Stay tuned for more sci-fi/fantasy content!

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I asked James to design a cover for my new dystopian novel, and I was thoroughly pleased. He brought the characters in my book to life. James was very responsive to my needs, and easy to work with. I highly recommend him. -Dr. David Demers, Phoenix, AZ
— Dave Demers, Publisher - Marquette Books