Creative, fun, empowering artwork to represent NGO vision/mission
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Another beautiful collaboration with liberatED, one of my favorite NGO clients.

They were looking for a creative, fun, empowering piece of artwork to use as their Facebook cover picture representing their vision/mission of educating for freedom and working towards empowered and liberatED individuals.

The creative concept I came up with was centered around a world globe surrounded by multicultural characters with wings grown from books – giving individuals the freedom to explore new horizons of understanding. I also added some of the human rights universal symbols such as peace, love, protecting the environment, the right to education, equal treatment, freedom of faith, etc.

I just love these type of projects, meant to uplift and empower at a larger scale and I hope to collaborate more with organisations in the future to infuse playfulness, energy and uplifting vibes to touch their audience’s soul.

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