The Blue Q – book cover illustration
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This book cover was created for author Dennis Avelar’s debut novel, The Blue Q: The World As I See It. It was a fun project to work on! It took us working through a few revisions of initial concept sketches to get a layout that we were both happy with, but I think that in the end it turned out very well.

The client wanted a few major story elements to be present in the cover: the scenery for the opening of the story (the Jaguar Temple in Guatemala), his main character (a boy who becomes a Quetzal), additional birds, and imagery that represented the main character’s transformation from boy to bird. Putting all of these elements together in a cohesive image proved to be a challenge, but the final compilation was something that both the client and I were happy with. I ended up extending the forest background to the back cover, and added a few miniature birds as a bonus. (I was happy to find that the author had aligned the text of the blurb on the back to keep these mini birds visible!)

I absolutely love creating inspiring book covers for independent authors. Indie authors are always so passionate about their work, and so excited to see it come to life through my illustration work.

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Jennifer took some vague ideas I had and turned them into the best cover art of any of my books so far. She was super easy to work with, and she truly cares about the quality of the final product. I'll be certain to work with her in future!
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