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I created this illustration for the recent issue of Slimming World magazine. The lady at the top is the successful slimmer and the other characters are her fab supporters, some of whom inspire and some who distract her from her goal. The art direction for the design was that the characters were cheerleaders, encouraging and supporting the main figure, who should also look like paper dolls (that you cut out of paper as a kid!) hence them being very keen to use a paper cutting illustrator! It was a really fun piece to work on, especially creating all their outfits but quite tricky to balance the characters looking like paper dolls and like distinctive characters in their own right.

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Vicky is friendly and creative, and her style is bright, fun and very eye-catching. Working in stages from rough concept to finished art, she was open to feedback and willing to accommodate amends and a couple of extras along the way. It was an absolute pleasure working with her and hope I get the opportunity again in the near future.
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