A Giving Nature: Fox and goose embody the Thanksgiving spirit
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While living a more isolated lifestyle in 2020, I enjoyed the outdoors thoroughly. One of my weekend activities was foraging for wild edible plants and I found a measurable bounty! In Iowa, we have sumac, milkweed, several berries and edible flowers, clover, crabapples, and many other varieties.

My experience left an impression on me and I knew that I would want to illustrate it in some form. Thinking about the end product, I chose to make it a card illustration that I could sell in my new Etsy store. I built 3D models from scratch for reference material and took care to include only native plants in the illustration (there are plenty to choose from). The fox and goose are a symbolic choice as they are natural enemies, but overcome that great divide for the purpose of showing us true generosity.

Candice Broersma
Iowa City, USA

Candice Broersma is a freelance illustrator specializing in fantastical subject matter and a graduate of the Savannah College of Art in Design. In 2016, Candice was awarded the Kev… Show more.

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