Abigail Bear – The Lockdown, Grosvenor House Publishing
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Lockdown again!

“Lockdown but not as you know it, Captain.” This time I’m talking about a new, illustrated storybook! Yay! Something joyful to talk about at last. It is about to be published but the author is happy for me to start sharing some illustrations from the book.

Cute overload?

I never used to do cute, well not very often anyway, but this book required that I deployed a maximum cute factor! It’s all about little Abigail Bear who finds herself struggling to understand this weird, Lockdown thing. Missing her friends terribly, will she ever dance again? I know it’s a cliché but this is definitely a feel-good book and directly addresses everything the nation and indeed the world has been going through and is still going through with Covid-19. It is definitely going to help little ones understand. It’s unashamedly pink, starry and very Strictly! It’s about dance, so is full of razzle-dazzle, magic and optimism.

The art

These illustrations have all been hand-drawn, digitally coloured with some collage elements. Most are vignettes with a smattering of spots and a front cover artwork.

It is more an illustrated storybook rather than a picture book, so vignette style illustrations and spots work really quite well. So, in this post I have included one of the spot illustrations. These are small, fairly simple without too much detail. A vignette is different, and also larger, and I have included an example of that too. Hopefully you can see the difference with the examples I’ve chosen.

I create artwork that is hand-drawn and painted too, so my work is not all digitally created. I hope to eventually share a project that is completely hand-drawn and painted with no digital elements to, except for a blank background. And that’s all I can say right now.

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