Life’s like a box of chocolates
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In March, I was hired to do 20 illustrations, but then the client increased that to 30. I spent about two months on it in between projects when he suddenly disappeared. He wasn’t replying messages as often so I guess he lost interest. I received the first down payment which wasn’t too bad but thought I’ll just update it on my news as it took up a huge chunk of my time.

I did the text layout and illustrations, most of the art is 70% complete and I thought it would be interesting to show the unfinished stuff.

The story starts off kinda sad but the ending is happy.

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Pebble is a fantastic illustrator who was highly collaborative, brought a fresh, unique voice to our work, and goes above and beyond what is asked of her to provide something truly special. Go Pebble!
— Cindy, Kindergo Kids