Perspective Grids – a pack of grid & vanishing point tools for artists!
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If you’re an artist, you likely know the challenge of creating images and scenes in perspective. There are of course tried and true methods for approaching this. In traditional pieces, depending on the subject matter and style, we usually land somewhere between eyeballing the perspective, and/or using vanishing points, horizon lines, and rulers to draw out our own accurate grids. For digital artists, apps like Clip Studio Paint and Procreate contain perspective rulers. These are great drawing aides that allow your lines and strokes to snap toward vanishing points which you set up over your rough sketches. The perspective rulers in these apps can even generate grids based on where you’ve set your vanishing points. But for me, those auto generated grids never looked quite how I wanted them to look, which is why I made my own!

I’ve been using these grids in the creation of my own illustrations and comics for years, and this past week I released the set on my Gumroad shop! Given that I work primarily in Clip Studio Paint, I usually use these in tandem with the perspective rulers in that program. However, they are compatible with any program that can open and transform/warp .png’s. They can also be useful for traditional artists who do parts of their process digitally. If you’re an artist who creates your rough sketches digitally, and then prints those out on paper to work on top of, now you can add these grids into your sketch to help you as you draw on paper.

My aim with this set is to provide another drawing aid for artists. Most of us already have some method(s) for handling perspective in our work, but hopefully these grids can make your next piece a bit easier to create, and save you some time while you’re working.

The set is available now. It includes:
4 Transformable Grid PNGs (Each grid has a 3300x4950px and 6600 × 9900px version)

4 Transformable Vanishing Point PNGs (Two vanishing points with 3300x4950px and 6600 × 9900px versions, and two with 3000x3000px and 6000x6000px versions)

1 Vanishing Point Tool (.SUT file. Clip Studio Only)

1 Layered .PSD file with instructions

1 Layered .CLIP file with instructions

1 “How To Use Your Grids” PDF

As I said above, this set is compatible with Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Procreate, Affinity, or any art app able to open and transform .png files. However, the Vanishing Point Tool.sut, which is included in this pack, is a Clip Studio Paint exclusive tool.

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