White Water alternative acrylic backglass and translite design
Posted 2 years ago and submitted by Brian Allen | Share link: http://illo.cc/90586

I’m proud to present the artwork for my alternate White Water backglass and translite! This is my most time-consuming and detailed design yet, and for me, the most challenging so far.

I had a lot of requests to make Bigfoot have a larger, uh, footprint in the design. I took that pretty literally and drew him as a giant monster emerging from the rocks!

There are tons of Easter eggs in this design. Look for the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the woman in the white dress from Attack From Mars, Dr. Dude, and a cameo from the No Good Gofers varmint. There’s even a nod to some outdoor movies, like Deliverance, and “The Great Outdoors.” I also made an effort to sneak in a few humble bows to the artists behind the original backglass here and there.

I also made sure to include the “Whitewater” title text, per request from fans (this was missing on the original translite).

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