Christmas watercolour patterns – My first attempt at making patterns for my merch shops!
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This year I wanted to create some work especially for Christmas, because I never really do anything dedicated to the season. I’ve done patterns before in some classes for college, but it was something that never fully caught my attention. However, this year when I was looking for inspiration I found really cool patterns that inspired me to make my own. Also, because a lot of the merch on my print on demand shops (Redbubble and Society6) looks much better with patterns.

So I decided to do a few small watercolour illustrations and then put them together in a pattern. It took a bit of time – especially to try and remember how it was done and have it work properly – but I got my pattern! And I’m actually quite happy with how they turned out – I even applied some filters to make a vintage version of it. This is one of my favourite things about drawing and illustrating, you can always try and do something new!

You can see how the products look with my pattern and find the selection of products here.

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