‘Max’ King of Naps Christmas present commission
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Christmas commission cat portrait featuring ‘Max’ a big furry tom cat whose favourite pastime is napping on cardboard boxes. The client commissioned the portrait of this friendly feline for a family member. Puurrrfect!

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My portfolio initially grew by developing pet portraiture with a twist, but now ranges from landmarks, personalised illustrations and of course animal portraits. I live and work in… Show more.

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David Truman, Author
Kim Doherty has completed a number of illustrations I have asked her to draw for the book that I am currently writing. She is a most diligent and competent graphic artist, who has successfully undertaken all of the requests I have asked of her. These have ranged from geometric representations and a drawing of a reconstructed ancient Egyptian temple, to the traditional ethnic art from Peru’s southern Pacific coast. Although the range of work I have asked her to complete represents diverse styles and artistic techniques, she has demonstrated that she has the insight and technical ability to reproduce each, according to what I have needed. I do not hesitate to recommend her to any prospective client who may be looking for a capable and highly adaptable artist.
— David Truman, Author