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Since I was a kid I’ve really like dinosaurs, particularly the T-Rex, but I haven’t been able to explore that in my client work. This personal illustration came as an opportunity to draw several things that are dear to me, like T-Rex, dinosaurs, my dog ​​Pixie, my cat Eddie, books, drawing, skateboarding, and telling stories.

It is one of the most personal illustrations I have done so far. However, I decided to do the ink drawing live on Instagram, sharing the process and interacting with those who saw it, taking advantage of the fact that there were more people to see. I asked for suggestions for book titles for the spines and for what the T-Rex could do/hold. It was also a chance to interact with my friends during the pandemic restrictions, which brought me a lot of joy and motivation to continue to share my process.

Exhibited in Amadora Bd 2020 edition show called “30 + 1: A BD NÃO FAZ QUARENTENA”.

Limited edition print available at my shop.

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