Happy Krampusnacht!
Posted 2 years ago and submitted by Marcel Trindade | Share link: http://illo.cc/90853

I’m enjoying experimenting with my improvised light table and new material I just bought: gouache, some pencils and brushes. I experiment with layers outside the computer and mash it up with some digital wizardry. Happy Christmas! And be good. Or else Krampus will get you…

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Marcel Trindade was born in Pelotas, Brazil. Spent a lot of his childhood drawing and writing his own stories. Early influences that persists to this day include comics from all er… Show more.

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I had just finished writing a children’s book and needed an experienced professional to help develop my visual ideas into colorful and humorous graphic arrangements. It was very important for me to partner with someone that was easy to work with and that could create high quality drawings using a variety of different media. Marcel has exceeded expectations by meeting or exceeding predetermined project milestone requirements and successfully communicating questions and recommendations throughout the design, draft and production processes.
— Coy Sisson, Author
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