Young David: Rise of a King – new children’s book
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During last year I was approached by a client to help him make a children’s book with a special purpose: to show accurate representation from the Bible. What that meant was taking the geographical and biblical historic descriptions and bringing those images into the designs for this book.

From that and a lot of early Bronze age research (one anecdotal from all of it is that there are not a lot of what chairs looked liked online) of a few weeks on my part and a few years on his, we came up with 11 designs for characters and 32 pages for the first story in the series: “Young David: Rise of a King.”

My goal with the artwork was to approach it like I would a comic. Make the eye move throughout the page, and tell a compelling narrative visually that could be understood without words through physical gesture, gestalt principles, and facial expressions. This project with be on Kickstarter early this year and it was great to work on.

You can see updates and more information about the project here.


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