The Adventures of Wandala
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This is a project that I did for the author Daniel Boyd, as an independent project published through Headline Books. I did 17 black and white illustrations along with a colored cover. It was tricky the get right look for joyful children’s illustrations with such limitations of color, but in the end I was very pleased with result.

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Hi, My name's Hector, and I'm a freelance Illustrator. I have been working professionally for 5 years. my style can range from very simple vector illustrations to semirealist pai… Show more.

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I would like to take the time to recognize Hector Mexia for his outstanding work on my project. I needed someone who could deliver a "clever" approach to a simple illustration. Our desire is to create a willingness in our clients to "want to know more" when they visually see a one-dimensional image. In my many years of experience in dealing with graphic artists and illustrators, Mr. Sanchez has amazed me as actually being a thinker who goes beyond expectations. I highly recommend him for his work!
— Scott Fore, Luke 926