Mexican illustrations for the 2020 CICLA Original Illustration Exhibition
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This is a series of illustrations for the 2020 CICLA Original Illustration Exhibition, the opening ceremony of which was held successfully on 11th November at Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition Center. Among 11,190 illustrations from 2238 artists, my work was selected for exhibition and catalog.

Since the theme was very open I didn’t know what to do at first, but I realized since they live on the other side of the world going full Mexican on my art would leave a strong impression on them, and it did work. This series of artworks follow the life of average Mexican kids in the year 22XX after a cataclysmic event destroyed Mexican society in 21XX. For the most part, things seem to be fine now, with people living their lives just as before the crisis, but with a more community-oriented culture with a new generation of kids discovering both a modern Mexico and ancestral traditions and beliefs.

Let’s have some taquitos. This is about some families going for some tacos of Pastor on a Sunday morning. While gone is the technology that conformed society before, families will still stick together.

Danza Folclorica. It’s about understanding that national history is something that’s continuously re-lived, and we must learn from it.

The second foundation of Tenochtitlan references the legend of the foundation of Mexico City. In the story, the wandering Mexicans awaited a prophecy to come, in which they would find a great place to build a city in the area where they find an Eagle with a serpent in his beak perched at the top of a cactus. In this version, a couple of kids find the eagle in a destroyed Mexico City, signaling the beginning of a rebuild of the civilization.

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I would like to take the time to recognize Hector Mexia for his outstanding work on my project. I needed someone who could deliver a "clever" approach to a simple illustration. Our desire is to create a willingness in our clients to "want to know more" when they visually see a one-dimensional image. In my many years of experience in dealing with graphic artists and illustrators, Mr. Sanchez has amazed me as actually being a thinker who goes beyond expectations. I highly recommend him for his work!
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