Sketches can be great
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Sometimes it isn’t needed to go fully into details, like I used to do. Every morning before starting work I warm up with some quick sketches and sometimes they go so well that I clean them up and add some small details, as was the case with this one! The result was pretty surprising, also because I didn’t redraw all the sketch lines, which makes it more ‘natural’. Even the background had a little blur to make the main character pop-out. It’s for sale in my online shop so check it out there and be sure to follow up here on HAI, my website or IG for new works!

Tijmen Ploeger
Berlin, Germany

Tijmen Ploeger is an artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. His works are a mix of characters, using a basic amount of colours to strengthen the message which often plays an eq… Show more.

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Working with Tijmen was an absolute dream. The artwork created was beautiful and exceeded our expectations. Collaboration and communication was excellent, even with our business being half way around the world. We truely could not have asked for a better experience. We highly recommend Tijmen's services!
— Jordan Sauthoff, ELEVEN04