Marge Simpson portrait in my style
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What happens when you try to re-create a character you’ve seen since childhood on TV in your own style? Let me tell you, it’s much harder than it seems!

I had this random idea that I really wanted to redraw Marge Simpson in my style, however, it’s very complicated to get out of the mould that you have for that cartoon. Maybe even more than drawing a portrait of a celebrity in a way… After doing some research (thankfully, nowadays there are tons of wikis that keep what seems to most like unimportant information), I found out Marge’s real eye colour, how her hair was supposed to look in reality and all those details that might come in handy when looking for references. Of course, I took some liberties as well, but overall, I really like how it came out (after a few failed sketches…)!

I uploaded her to my Inprnt shop in case anyone is interested in a print and I also recorded the process for my latest YouTube video – it’s a review of a tablet, but I show the process video there as I tried it out.

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