New painting: The Tale of the Swan Princes
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I must admit, 2020 was a hard year and I only finished one personal painting, but it was a joy to work on. Inspired by the fairy tale of six brothers, turned into swans by a witch in an attempt to steal their kingdom. Their only hope is their youngest sister, who can break the curse only if she is able to spin, weave, and sew a shirt for each of her brothers out of painful stinging nettles…

This painting was born out of the need to do something different than I usually do with color (I love my glowing golds perhaps too much) and this idea from my sketchbook turned out to be the perfect fit. It was a challenge to work within a very simple color palette, and also to convey the struggle of the character within her restrained pose. I think focusing on the design of the whole piece really strengthened the painting. I’m also honored to share that it was selected for inclusion in Volume 9 of Infected by Art, coming out later in 2021!

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