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During the last year I’ve used many analogue cameras in my works, because I love them. The technique behind it is just mesmerizing, all radars, bolts, metal plates, and when you push a button in the end a wonderful picture comes out, how awesome is that? In this case I got inspired by a picture of a woman holding a Polaroid cam. The initial illustration had some references to Polaroid, but after contacting them they politely noted that they couldn’t give me permission to use this in a commercial work (even if for my own prints), which is understandable. So – as in many cases – I designed my own direct camera, an authentic ‘Itchi’, and model number ‘5’. The print is available in my shop, so be sure to give it a look!

Tijmen Ploeger
Berlin, Germany

Tijmen Ploeger is an artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. His works are a mix of characters, using a basic amount of colours to strengthen the message which often plays an eq… Show more.

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Working with Tijmen was an absolute dream. The artwork created was beautiful and exceeded our expectations. Collaboration and communication was excellent, even with our business being half way around the world. We truely could not have asked for a better experience. We highly recommend Tijmen's services!
— Jordan Sauthoff, ELEVEN04