A desert adventure
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The Camel Farm in Bahrain is one of its major tourist attractions and something that leaves a very memorable experience. This is a personal piece inspired by my experience during one of our visits to the Camel Farm. When my little girl was posing for the camera one of the camels actually peeked in and posed with her. However the reaction wasn’t the same as here, she was literally taken by surprise and jumped off.

The Camel Farm here in Bahrain has 100s of camels of all ages, sizes and even colors. The farm was created as an effort to preserve the camels and not breed for slaughter. Bahrainis have had a deep routed cultural connection with camels for centuries and they are considered as a sign of prosperity and a symbol of life. Indeed one of the most beautiful places amongst many others.

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Hello, I am Rekha, a children's book illustrator from Bahrain. My work is very cute, energetic and vivid with a distinctive style with love for bright but muted colors.

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