Valley hike: duo of commissioned illustrations
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These two digital paintings were commissioned by a private client. We’re following three hikers as they explore a hidden valley, where they discover mysterious troglodyte houses that seem to have been abandoned for a long time… But what could have happened to the previous inhabitants? Why isn’t the valley on their map? Are they the first people to visit the place in centuries? Our amateur archaeologists will have to find answers to all these questions, but right now it’s lunch time, they’re hungry, and they want to befriend the local birds. They certainly have a great sense of priorities!

These paintings were fueled by my love of hiking (and finding the prettiest spot for lunch), and so they were really nice to paint. I also had a lot of fun with the brushwork, contrasting loose, abstract shapes in some areas (like the cliff on the first image) with tightly rendered brushstrokes in other places!

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