A drawing made to measure
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When I received the Call for Entries for the 2020 Leicester Society of Artists Annual Exhibition, the stipulations were unusual in that any work to be submitted should be square (not in the boring, unadventurous sense). Furthermore, due to limitations in wall space, larger works wouldn’t be accommodated. Essentially, Keep it square, keep it small!

The only square piece of presentable work I had available was earmarked for a Royal Birmingham Society of Artists exhibition in 2021, so that needed to be retained. Luckily, I had several frames in the studio ready for new work and there was a square one that would be ideal. All I had to do was fill it.

Rather than run the risk of a painting not being ready for the deadline, I decided a drawing on a warm-coloured sheet would suit the frame. Trawling my stash of interesting faces, I found one I could comfortably represent in a square.

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