Character art – Vesper Knight
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Handsome knight of palest light
Emerges gently with the moon
His armour shines with pearly might
A mysterious young dragoon.

Every move is swift and smooth
Yet powerful as the tide
His radiant youth belies the truth
Of his lance’s perfect strike.

Scathing eyes may yet deride
The cruelty of his way
Yet darkened skies can only hide
The evils of the day.

Lately I’ve been really interested in the lore of the Sun and the Moon, particularly the way the Sun is described as chasing the Moon across the sky in a lot of ancient mythologies. Although they’re usually depicted as gods having these great powers, the sense of movement of these two objects makes me think more of warriors or knights chasing their marks, rather than a divine being sitting in a throne and making something so with just a point of their finger.

I’m working on a companion piece for this which will feature a Sun knight, so hopefully I’ll get that one up soon too.

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