The Little Witches: Folktober drawings
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There’s a song by Bonnie Lockhart titled “Who were the witches?” that I grew up listening to and the first line goes: “Who were the witches? Where did they come from? Maybe your great-great-grandmother was one.”

That line has always stuck with me. Because my mom is the one who taught me about magic, folklore, and the intertwining of humans and the natural world around them. My mother was taught by her mother. I assume, that my grandmother’s mother also taught her. So the lineage is passed from mother to daughter and so on.

For Folktober this year I wanted to explore that relationship between the older generation and the younger. The lessons they could learn from each other and the love they can share.

So here is the beginning of The Little Witches.

Grandmother Hyssop is a wise old witch – strong, determined, and caring. Little Calendula (Callie) is just beginning to understand her powers and the world around her. She is naive but curious, and excited to test out her skills.

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