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I was asked to create a medieval-style header and three spot illustrations for Pipe Wrench mag‘s latest edition, all about the Book of Revelation and its interpretations and controversies through history. I didn’t know much about Revelation, so it was fascinating to read the initial article by Emily Manthei. Revelation’s the last book of the Bible’s New Testament, and it’s full of fantastical creatures and symbolism – a seven-headed serpent, a horned beast, a dragon, six-winged minotaurs, warrior angels, demons, a seven-horned seven-eyed lamb, and the battle between good and evil. So it’s jam-packed with visual inspiration!

Manthei discusses how the book had been used through history to promote conflicting and oppressive movements, and is still frequently misinterpreted and misused. I wanted my illustrations to show that conflict of ideas and the drama it inspires, without feeling preachy or overusing visuals that are typically associated with Western Christianity. I wanted it to stand alone as fantastical imagery.

Pipe Wrench is a unique online magazine that takes one core article/essay and then features other contributions which respond to it. Responses include personal stories, short fiction, music, poetry, art and (in my case) illustration. It’s a wonderfully collaborative and holistic magazine.

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