Private commission: Nurturer of Life
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…or, as I like to call them, the bee-holder. Because there’s a beehive in their ribcage and bees all around them, so it makes sense…

I’ve painted the piece over the past few months for a private client who gave me a lot of freedom to design the scene: it had to feature a lonely skeleton (presumably, a fantasy reanimated one) wearing scraps of decaying armour and whose ribcage hosts a beehive, but that was pretty much it. So I had fun playing with the concept: instead of a creepy skeleton covered in insects, they became a calm protector of nature, an allegory of the cycle of life and death… fortunately, my client loved the idea!

It was also an opportunity to play with colours and brushstrokes (look at those blues in the background!) to create an interesting atmosphere and “feel”, and I’m really happy with the result

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