Taking Nottingham out of context for LeftLion Magazine
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Overheard in Notts is a wonderful feature in Nottingham’s local magazine, LeftLion, where they record the weird and wonderful things that the good people of this great city have been overheard saying whilst they are out and about. These short sentences, quotes and quips with absolutely no context have always captured my imagination and inspired a personal project to start illustrating them, imagining alternative realities in which these things might be being said. Once I had built a small collection I then presented these to the team at LeftLion and I am pleased to say that they are now a bimonthly feature in the mag!

For October’s issue, it only seemed right to give it a ghostly theme and I used this opportunity to celebrate the Nottingham ghost walking group, trying to imagine the amount of work that must go in to these walks from the ghosts’ side of things. They just don’t make ghosts quite like they used to… Previous cartoons have been equally spooky with Dracula sneaking into the local blood bank and things not quite going to plan for poor old Cinders.

These have been, and continue to be, a fantastic creative exercise for me and as long as the good people of Nottingham keep coming out with this stuff, I’ll keep illustrating it!


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