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A horned demon holds a glowing ring around his finger. His wings are spread open and etched with glowing glyphs and he holds scrolls in his arms.

Three spirit dogs chase a deer across a stream in a forest that has turned to fall colors.

A silver raven glows with magic in the hands of a whispering person. Dusty stone columns are in the background

A construct is covered in rust and moss waiting to activate and defend some crumbling ruins.

Time for a long overdue update! It’s been 4 years and since then I’ve created over 60 more cards for Magic the Gathering! Some of those were even done in oils. I also created 3 more book covers, worked with Valve Software on 3 cards for Artifact, many illustrations for RPGs, several illustrations for other card games, illustrated some Marvel characters, did some album covers, ran a patreon project with an author for over a year, and began putting out my own D&D products. So REALLY busy! I’m glad to be back on HAI as I look to book more non-gaming art (although gaming art is still welcome).

My gallery has been updated but here are my favorites from over the years. The demon was created for Cubeamajigs 2. Art direction by Brian Walters. The silver raven and forgotten sentinel were created for Magic the Gathering and art directed by Cynthia Sheppard. The spirit dogs are a personal piece.

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Joe is an excellent and quick artist. He moves through his assignment list with surprising speed, and doesn't cut corners along the way. His work shows polish and great use of texture. He's patient and communicates well. I plan to keep him employed as long as he's willing to work for my business.
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