Pumpky goes on a Christmas adventure! – New products in my shop
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I’ve talked about my character Pumpky on my news before, but I’ll do a quick presentation anyway. Pumpky is a Jack-o’-Lantern ghost that resides at Pumpkin’s Cemetery. This is a very magical place that only appears on Earth in October and disappears after Halloween.

Pumpky went on a crazy adventure last year, venturing out into the world, but that’s another story…

This year, he’s going to experience Christmas for the first time and he’s doing everything in his power to turn Pumpkin’s Cemetery into a Christmas wonderland. Now, he did run into some inconveniences – why is it that those lights always get tangled? – but overall, he’s enjoying it a lot!

There’s a sticker set of Pumpky available in my shop with 6 different stickers of him in different Christmas situations, but also sticky gift tags to add to your Christmas presents!

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