Theandric album cover
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Earlier last year I had the honour of working on creating the album cover for Theandric’s upcoming album “Flight among the Tombs”. I had a great time collaborating with them. I’ve always wanted to work on an album cover and love the metal genre too, so having the chance to work with them was amazing. I loved their music and being able to compose the picture whilst listening to the music really helped me develop a strong idea of what I wanted the cover to feel like.

Their music is influenced by religion and the idea was to keep some of the themes within the lyrics present in the cover, kind of easter eggs of sorts. I tried quite a few ideas before settling on this one, but I think it ended up catching the overall feel and themes of the music best. The themes can be dark, but with an overall message of positivity and hope. I tried to give the whole piece a feel of uplift with everything rising and almost flowing like waves, leading to the dove which represents the Holy Spirit. It was definitely a challenge taking on a landscape of this scope, but enjoyed pushing myself out of my comfort zone with it.

If you like metal be sure to give them a listen!


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