The Gossip’s Choice, a 17th century midwife and apothecary
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This was such a wonderful job. I was commissioned to create this original print as a gift for author/historian Sara Read, by her husband, in celebration of her debut novel The Gossip’s Choice. Sara is an expert on 16th/17th century medicine and women’s reproductive health, and her book centres on a midwife during the plague of 1665.

When I got the email about the job through Hireillo, I was actually listening to Sara on the BBC History Extra podcast, so it felt like it was meant to be! The circular print features a 17th century midwife reaching her arms around an apothecary’s shelves, black and white terrace buildings, plague doctor and baby in utero. The three doves are taken from the name of the book’s apothecary, and the feather is a nod to the author. The print is an original two-colour linocut on Nepalese lokta paper.

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