Fresh art for Pokket Mixer
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Pokket Mixer Berlin is a company that delivers small (guess what) pokketmixers, and they were looking for artwork to refresh their advertisements. There were some inspirational photos and a small briefing, then the rest was up to me. As a result, I came up with a set of two, both showing younger people – and aimed at clubbers – while using their product. The one in the laundrette was completely drawn from scratch, it initially had an old grandma in the background dancing along with her stick but that got cancelled in order not to take the attention too much away from the message, which is kind of important with advertisement in general. We did have a good laugh at it though.

Tijmen Ploeger
Berlin, Germany

Tijmen Ploeger is an artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. His works are a mix of characters, using a basic amount of colours to strengthen the message which often plays an eq… Show more.

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Working with Tijmen was an absolute dream. The artwork created was beautiful and exceeded our expectations. Collaboration and communication was excellent, even with our business being half way around the world. We truely could not have asked for a better experience. We highly recommend Tijmen's services!
— Jordan Sauthoff, ELEVEN04