Design for Queen of Pentacles
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I’ve been trying to do at least one Tarot Card design a month, but at times it seems I get distracted by other projects or commitments. So with a little bit of time this month, I decided to do some overdue work on it. With the Queen of Pentacles now done, all I need to do is re-work my Queen of Cups and that will be all the Queens done!

Most depictions of the Queen of Pentacles have her in many brown and neutral colours, but I associate the earthy Queen with the bright colours of Spring more than any other season. Although I believe the Queen of Pentacles is traditionally associated with Autumn, I’ve been trying to work with my own personal associations with the cards rather than adhering too strictly with the traditional correspondences.

I’m also working according to where inspiration strikes, so I may not do any more court cards for a while. I’m thinking of working on some of the small cards next!

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