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Hi y’all,

So I originally wanted to write about the importance of having series to sell with, but I thought it was also important to talk about how doing “one-of fun-ofs” is not only okay, but also helps lead into creative series. An example would be the Cyber Punk Hunters feature image. That was a one of fun idea that came about after watching a fashion show in Japan. I just wanted to draw some cool looking cyberpunk characters and nothing more, but it became kind of hard to sell because it didn’t have much other than style going for it.

I ended up going further into detail trying to figure out what I wanted to say to customers that would hook them into the story of the characters, and ended up using some older one ofs to make into a cyberpunk rpg world for tabletop. Then after figuring out how I wanted to package the one ofs, I created a slew of other illustrations to go along with the idea. You can actually find those illustrations here. Basically I took the cyberpunk elements I loved and combined them with my love for renaissance art and vaporwave music, creating a mishmash science fantasy setting with space magic and mystery.

I’m hoping to have the world guide ready for print come 2023! So be on the lookout for the Kickstarter!

Thanks again and be safe on the journey,

Maeca Art.

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