Tarot – Queen of Cups
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Last month I finished the two remaining Queens for my Tarot deck, the Queen of Pentacles and the Queen of Cups. I did a design for this some time ago, but after completing the Queen of Wands I decided I wanted a more consistent theme with my court cards. I focused less on facial expression and more on overall composition, which suits the regal personality of these cards. Each Queen has her own personality and I wanted that reflected in their body language, dress, and environment. In this case, the Queen of Cups (water) is gentle, kind, empathetic and nurturing. She’s also very perceptive, even psychic, which is why I made her Cup a kind of crystal ball.

In the case of the others — the Queen of Pentacles (earth) is practical, down-to-earth, in tune with the natural world, good with material affairs — and very fond of fine, expensive things, which is why she reclines on a chaise lounge, surrounded by fertile fields and lush greenery. The Queen of Swords (air) is direct, no-nonsense, intelligent and perceptive — sometimes cold and unemotional. She sits on an icy throne, looking directly into your eyes, leaving you with nowhere to hide or lie. The Queen of Wands (fire) is passionate, confident, active and dynamic, and she walks confidently through a hot, volcanic desert with her feline companion beside her.

I’ve also been working on applying text to the images. I’m not sure about it just yet, but it’s a work in progress!

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