New Series Alert: Zodiac Portraiture
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Hi there!

Maeca Art here! Excited to announce that I’m working on a new calendar project featuring the Western Zodiac! I wanted to have fun and bizarre imagery that relate to the lore aspects of the zodiac. While I find the social aspects of zodiac signs to be fun, I’m much more interested in the history and ideas behind the iconography. So each piece tries to bring out the weird and the sublime, while also trying to attach it to the people in the portraits, as it’s something that people put a lot of stock in and attach to themselves.

This one was a difficult one to figure out, as I usually work in images that have a full body character, as well as scene illustration, so coming up with designs that lean into the portraiture and the iconography were a challenge that I was excited to tackle. The work is still in development, so keep an eye out for the pieces as they develop!

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Thanks again and see you in the next one!

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