Dutch painter Lawrence Alma-Tadema
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Lawrence Alma-Tadema was a painter born in the Netherlands in 1836. He trained in Antwerp, Belgium and moved to England in 1870 and spent the rest of his life there. He gained considerable fame in that time painting idealized scenes from Ancient Greece and Rome, among others. The subjects in his paintings were described at, “Victorians in togas” and he became one of the most popular painters of his day, popular enough to have been knighted by Queen Victoria in 1899. His work suffered an enormous drop in popularity and appreciation after his death in 1912 and it has only been since the late 60s that his work has been re-evaluated for its importance within nineteenth century British art. His paintings were used by Hollywood, including Cecil B DeMille for The 10 Commandments and Ridley Scott for Gladiator, for what the ancient world should look like.

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