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“A lone knight, broken off from her party, finds that the bandits were the least of her worries in this forest.”

Hi y’all,

Maeca here with another illustration that I’m happy to have a chance to show off. This piece, titled “Infection”, is my first attempt at working on gesso board as opposed to regular watercolor paper. The process itself was enlightening as it required me to take more breaks between layers, as once a layer was finished, I added a layer of clear gesso over to prevent items from blending together.

The piece itself was inspired by an archetype in a card game I enjoy playing a lot. The themes including the takeover of nature and the consequences thereof. I wanted something very alien and used colors for the skin, and trees that aren’t normally found in nature, to make it feel that much more off putting.

You can find the whole process on my Twitch page and YouTube channel!

Thanks again and see you in the next one!

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