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Continuing on from my last illustration ‘Catnap’, I decided to draw a slightly different scene. I’ve always been really fascinated by epic battle scenes in fantasy games and movies, and I wanted to do something a bit more conflict-focused. I decided on two elven fighters in the forest; one of them has seen their target and, incensed and reeling with emotion, draws his sword. He is only held back by his friend, who knows that charging into battle without thinking would be disastrous. I wanted to capture the moment of restraint.

I’m especially pleased with how sharp this image came out and the expressions on their faces; I don’t always trust myself to show emotions correctly in my characters, but I think this one came out well. The tension in the warrior’s body language and the subtlety of the archer compliment each other in the way I intended.

I’ve been really interested in fantasy card games lately and I would really like to work on a deck sometime in the future. I grew up playing stuff like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh and have dabbled with Magic: The Gathering here and there. Maybe I’ll even make my own deck, but I think for now I will just focus on my Tarot deck.

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