Dreamweavers- Thesis Animation, one year later
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Dreamweavers is an animation that explores the harmony between us and the natural world around us, and it is a celebration of colour, nature, and change. Formless shapes turned to animals, clouds taking form, and bodies of water come alive to tell you a beautiful story. Dreamweavers will tell you a story of change, fluidity, and progression- a theme as present in nature as it is within people.

A year ago, I completed my bachelor’s thesis and graduated from Academie Minerva in Groningen. Except, it wasn’t just as simple as that- I was diagnosed with a permanent, life-altering disability shortly after graduating, which meant that my time preparing to finish my Bachelor’s was also time spent in and out of the hospital, playing the waiting game, waiting for answers about what the rest of my life had in store. I found myself frustrated, tears streaming down my face as my iPad deleted everything I was working on- back up your work, friends! Still, somehow I managed. Most of the animation I was working on was saved, but the parts where it is rather rough around the edges are due to the fact that I wasn’t able to smooth things out since my iPad died a few days before graduating. Somehow, looking back on it now, knowing everything I was undergoing while working on this animation, it feels rather fitting for it to feel a bit rough in some areas.

It feels fitting because this animation and thesis about change, fluidity and progression took on a whole new meaning as I had to adapt to the curveball my life had just thrown at me. Things change and turn into something new, and there’s beauty in accepting change.

The animation I am so excited to share with you today is the product of months of hard work during a very difficult time in my life, where I thought I’d have to put my education on hold, but somehow I managed to push through and obtain that degree. I didn’t just get that degree- I also got a lot of praise for this project and newfound confidence in me that showed me that no matter how hard things are at the moment, if I keep working, the result will be something I’m proud of. A year later now, I am working on a follow up to this animation- Dreamweavers will be an ongoing collaborative series between myself and my composer friend Leif Kurt.

In our upcoming animations, Leif and I plan to explore narratives through mood-building and abstract visual storytelling. After the debut of my thesis Dreamweavers, we have been working on laying down the path for our future collaborations- it’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun too. There’s something about working on projects like this with someone I’m so close with- it feels like Leif is able to understand the direction I’m going in with my work, and the music he comes up with compliments the narratives that are already there while creating a whole new narrative of their own.

Dreamweavers as a series of works will be an ode to collaboration, change, fluidity and fun.

Our collaborations are born from the experiences we’ve had together, whether it be midnight talks on the porch, fun errands around Bern, walks to small villages in the scorching Italian sun, and even the difficult moments when I was coping with my newfound disability and needed a friend to talk to. Finding someone that just “gets” me feels particularly important to me, because while most of my collaborations with other artists have been a great deal of fun, collaborating with someone who knows me so well feels like we are both on the same page, with the same vision, always.

I feel like I can tell Leif a crazy, abstract mess of an idea and somehow he can see where I am going with the idea before it’s even a full storyboard.

I hope you enjoy this animation, can’t wait to share more! Until next time,

Abigail Roscoe

Abigail Roscoe
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