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While wrapping up some exciting projects that I can’t quite reveal yet, I’ve also been working on developing my own books and stories more. A project of my own which I am extremely excited about are some upcoming books: The Grand Arctic Inn, and Into The Woods.

The Grand Arctic Inn is a book that aims to educate young readers about the delicate balance of the Arctic- each animal fills a role, and when one is missing, that balance is broken. The grand arctic inn is set in a hotel run entirely by Arctic critters- here, the migratory animals arrive in the summer, and enjoy their stay! Readers will become familiar with the role each animal has in the arctic, and how important it is for them all to work together to keep things afloat. I am still finishing the writing part of this book, but in the meantime, enjoy the artwork featuring a scene at the Caribou Corner diner!

Into The Woods is ready for its final edit!!! Now, it is time to work on the art. This is a book that celebrates inner growth, found families, and friendships.
” You conquered it all, that much is true
You conquered it all and it led you to….you.
You found what you searched for, and it wasn’t the view. It was the journey, the power and the strength inside you. ”

I wrote this book after a drastic, traumatic life change, and I don’t know how I could have pulled through without the incredible support network around me. This book is my love letter to the people who stuck through with me during the most difficult time of my life and helped me reach the point I’m at now. I re-discovered myself, and shaped myself a the person I was always meant to be over these past few years. I didn’t expect this huge hurdle along the way, but the strength and power I have found within myself have pulled me out of a very dark place. I couldn’t have done that alone, though, and that’s what this book is about. It celebrates achievements and personal growth, while reminding the reader that your achievements aren’t any less if you sought out help along the way. We all need each other, after all. Doing something alone just to “prove” you can do it is self-destructive, and accepting help takes strength.

I am working on editing now, and hope to share some exciting news soon with more artwork.

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